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Welcome to the website of "Des couleurs pour ZULUK" (Colours for ZULUK) which presents my artwork as a drawer, painter and etcher. The sole aim of this website is to raise funds for the association called "Le Jardin des Lotus" (the Garden of lotuses), the lotuses being the children of Zuluk.

Since 2008, "Le Jardin des Lotus" works to contribute to the welfare of Tibetan and Nepalese refugees in the small village of Zuluk in North-East Sikkim, India: it finds sponsors for children, implements projects and supports economic development actions. To date, about 50 children have been sponsored and a school cum boarding school has been built (2010-2013). Visit the website of "Le Jardin des Lotus":

The price for the etchings is 30€. As an association of general interest, "Le jardin des Lotus" issues for French residents a 66 % tax deduction receipt for the donation. So, if you acquire an etching for 30 euros, you make a 30 € donation to "Les Jardins des Lotus" of which about 20 € are tax-deductible. To reserve an etching or to inquire about the price of the other works, please use  the contact form. 

On "Colours for ZULUK" website, my works are displayed in galleries dedicated to the use of a particular technique (pastel, water colour, etching, etc). Keywords and tags allow you to search by a specific theme (trees, landscapes, marine art,...°) or etching technique (burin, aquafortis, embossing, litho...) as well as check the availability of the works.

Enjoy your visit!